mig5 specialises in a range of sysadmin and communication areas, some or all of which may be beneficial to your business. Here are some of those key areas:

Configuration management

Bootstrapping, automating and maintaining your infrastructure with tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, to keep all your systems in check.

Config management keeps things predictable, consistent, enforces audit trails and good quality control, and can help with disaster recovery or scaling through repeatability.

Infrastructure management

Tools such as Terraform allow us to bring the same concepts of configuration management into the very orchestration of your infrastructure itself.

When building out your new infrastructure, we do it in code for rapid provisioning, management, auditability, state enforcement and disaster recovery of the full platform.

Continuous deployment

Are you still logging into servers and running 'git pull' to update your code (or even worse: not using version control at all)? There is a better way. Let us show you.

By hooking together a set of tools such as Jenkins, Fabric/Ansible and Git, mig5 will help you automatically deploy your application from version control to your servers (including clustered servers).

Bespoke needs such as unique tasks mid-deployment, prod->stage syncing or test integration can all be composed to suit your application or agency's needs.

mig5 can also build in 'rollback' functionality, reverting to snapshot should your deployment fail.

Technical communication

Communication is a niche skill mig5 can provide - something other sysop organisations lack or are too 'cookie cutter' focused to offer.

mig5 specialises in helping you write effective and persuasive responses to RFPs and other tender documents, setting your organisation apart from rival businesses. The power of language is something not to underestimate.

Documentation, mentoring and training can also be developed to ease your developers into using new workflows such as the continuous deployment processes described above.

Let mig5 help you develop ISMS and strategy documents to set your business on the path to a more secure and streamlined future.

Security hardening

mig5 has years of experience hardening servers against attacks. Let us help you identify and understand your threat model, specific to your business and applications, and the field you are operating in.

mig5 will investigate and advise the best methods of strengthening your service to pass PCI and other penetration tests.

Server-side 2-factor authentication, improving audit trails, introducing monitoring/intrusion detection and threat intelligence tools, designing with defense-in-depth principles, are all areas of expertise.

mig5 also has years of experience designing processes and tools to help organisations achieve ISO27001 compliance. Once again, this typically involves process and communication changes rather than just technical ones.

mig5 grasps the ceaseless balancing-act between security and practicality, and can help you find that balance realistically.

Specific Linux server tasks, troubleshooting, decision-making... What else?

mig5 draws from over a decade of experience solving specific challenges that you probably will or are already facing - too many to mention here.

Some customers simply hire mig5 for 'advice' when they need it.

Get in touch and ask whether mig5 sysadmins can help you achieve your goals.