mig5 in another BetterCloud article about communication and I.T

As a separate piece to the previous three part series published, I was featured in another BetterCloud article about elevating the perception of I.T teams in the wider parts of organisations.

This builds again on my belief that the combination of communication and the right toolsets makes all the difference.


Interview with BetterCloud about I.T and communication

I was one of three professionals recently interviewed by BetterCloud for a series on blending the art of effective communication into I.T (with a focus on communicating to people in a less-technical role). This includes not just supporting end-users but communicating 'above' to C-level type management, trying to get budget buy-in for a project, and so on.

The series covers tips on how to do this effectively, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.


'So, what is it you exactly do?' - Part seven, communication

Admittedly there is an irony in having a massive delay between the last article in this series and this one, aptly to be regarding 'communication' :) Sorry for the silence. It seems some of these articles have inspired some interest in the work I do, and as a result, I have been running off my feet with new business. There are worse problems to have.


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