Update regarding DNS and Views mystery - solved

So a while a go I had a DNS issue that stumped me. A master nameserver transferring an updated zone to a slave successfully, but queries to the slave server not reflecting the change!

Finally I worked it out. We were implementing views, and we didn't need to be, as our use case was not a case of using different zone files for the same zone and responding accordingly with differing results depending on the requestor client and which acl it matched.


Got a weird DNS issue that's stumped me.

Here's a good one.

dns2 is primary nameserver for a local zone ''. Running Debian Lenny, bind9, nothing unusual. Update this zone to add a Xen guest recently provisioned at the datacentre. Reload dns with rndc reload, the updated zone is transferred to the slave nameserver, which is dns1 (yeah I don't know why either, what's in a name).



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