Discovering Jenkins and increasing productivity

At my part time job, my junior has been fleshing out a Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson) installation.

In the long term, what we have in mind is providing a proper testing suite for the developers and testers in the company to use. But to get to grips with the software and what it's capable of doing, he came up with a great idea: transition our routine cron tasks into Jenkins 'builds'.


Was I the last to know? mod_auth basic, crypt() and the first 8 chars

I did not know this until just last week. Seems everyone I've mentioned it to already did, so I thought I'd better prove my noobness in bulk to you all now by writing about it.

It seems when you crypt a password with htpasswd and use (at least) basic mod_auth in Apache, the crypt only takes the first 8 characters of your password for use in authenticating a user.


Update regarding DNS and Views mystery - solved

So a while a go I had a DNS issue that stumped me. A master nameserver transferring an updated zone to a slave successfully, but queries to the slave server not reflecting the change!

Finally I worked it out. We were implementing views, and we didn't need to be, as our use case was not a case of using different zone files for the same zone and responding accordingly with differing results depending on the requestor client and which acl it matched.


Got a weird DNS issue that's stumped me.

Here's a good one.

dns2 is primary nameserver for a local zone ''. Running Debian Lenny, bind9, nothing unusual. Update this zone to add a Xen guest recently provisioned at the datacentre. Reload dns with rndc reload, the updated zone is transferred to the slave nameserver, which is dns1 (yeah I don't know why either, what's in a name).



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