Resilient, secure, stable operations.

mig5 System Administration is an Australian based sysadmin consultancy, specialising in augmenting development teams working on Drupal, Wordpress and Magento applications.

We build secure, stable and robust hosting environments, and guide agencies on deploying to those environments through automated, safe, and predictable workflows.

Does your agency need any of the following?

  • Centralised server configuration management
  • Automated application deployment
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of servers (Drupal-focused)
  • Security hardening of servers/LAMP/LEMP stacks
  • Intrusion detection and threat intelligence
  • Server incident response out of hours
  • Technical writing for tenders, ISO27001 and PCI-style audits

If so, this is mig5's bread and butter!

Feel free to review our experience for specifics, or get in touch directly.