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⚙️Configuration Management

Automating the creation, configuration, backing up and monitoring of your platform gives you repeatability, predictability and an audit trail.

Other outcomes are a reduction in human error, time and cost of maintenance.

🚀Continuous Deployment

Zero-touch tools can automatically ship your app from version control to your host, applying data migrations, testing and rolling back if things go wrong.

Taking the hassle and stress out of the workflow means happier developers will release earlier and more often.

🔐Security Hardening

Threat modelling, server and application hardening, intrusion detection, penetration tests and opsec training can help defend platforms and improve compliance.

Infosec is a continuous process to be integrated across all aspects of your project and into the culture and mindset of your team.

🚨High Availability

Your platform could be capable of scaling dynamically to meet demand, self-heal or fail over seamlessly during outages.

mig5 can help you design a disaster recovery system and specialises in load-balancing and replication of very busy applications.


mig5 can help design technical policy, an ISMS for ISO27001 compliance, or even creatively respond to RFTs with lateral solutions that set you apart from competitors.

🐧Open Source & Social Justice

Passionate about equality, privacy, and free access to information, mig5 is especially interested in how open software can help non-profits, civil liberty groups and marginalised communities be empowered to express themselves safely and with agency.


mig5 System Administration is the Melbourne-based consultancy run by Miguel Jacq (he/him), a DevSecOps engineer with 15 years of industry experience.

mig5 works with many international businesses, non|not-for profits and community organisations to run safer, more resilient and efficient digital services.