Available for projects from May 2020 [more info]

mig5's Availability

May 2020

mig5 has spare capacity beginning May 2020, for organisations requiring adhoc sysadmin support anywhere between 4 and 20 hours a month.

mig5 is particularly interested in helping organisations automate their infrastructure management with Terraform/Packer, config management of server fleets with Ansible or Puppet, developing continuous deployment pipelines for monolithic or microservice/containerised applications, autoscale clusters, that sort of thing.

Aside from provisioning, configuration and deployment, mig5 specialises in server hardening and implementing of host-based intrusion detection systems such as OSSEC, tightening access controls, and improving logging and auditability. 'How did my server get hacked, what can be done to stop it happening again' is something that comes in fairly often.

As mentioned elsewhere here, mig5 operates from GMT+10, so it's also a great use case for a 'night shift' sysop to do stuff that can't happen during the day.

If this sounds like something you need, now is the time. mig5 works on a 'first in, best served' basis, and there is often a lot of demand. Please get in touch to secure time for your project!


Automation and configuration management

mig5 uses tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible and Packer to automate the provisioning and configuration management of server infrastructure. This also provides an audit trail of changes to your environment.



mig5 specialises in server hardening, encryption best practices, compartmentalisation, privacy by design principles and intrusion detection services.

Incident response

Incident response

mig5 works on retainer or pre-paid arrangements at affordable rates, typically for European and American customers. This allows mig5 to handle high-risk tasks or respond to issues outside business hours.