Commercial packages


mig5 predominantly works on a 'retainer' model with customers around the world.

Retainers are structured to suit the needs of the organisation. Some organisations only need 4 hours a month of consulting support. Others require an intensive service whereby mig5 embeds into the team remotely, working up to 60 hours a month on a range of sysadmin tasks.

Usually, the organisation seeks a middle ground of estimated hours required to handle routine or planned tasks, with some buffer for 'incident response' - those times when things go wrong.

The benefit of the retainer model is that you are explicitly booking out time in a calendar month that mig5 guarantees to be available to you.

Regardless of what else happens or how busy mig5 is with other customers, those hours in a calendar month are yours and yours alone. You won't be overlooked.

Sysadmin services are like insurance. You spend an affordable amount of money Just In Case something happens. No-one wants to be caught 'uncovered'.

Customers on retainer are billed at the end of each calendar month, since the time spent may have exceeded the base retainer.

mig5 has current customers on 4, 16, 20, 32, 60 hour a month retainers. We match to the realities of your business needs - don't be afraid to reach out and see if we can find a model that suits you.

Ad-hoc 'bucket' (prepaid)

Sometimes a retainer model might not be realistic or commercially viable for an organisation.

You may have an in-house sysadmin team who usually gets things done, barring any major surprises. Sometimes you just need to bounce an idea off a senior expert.

Alternatively, maybe you are lucky enough to not be driven by hard deadlines or commercial pressures (maybe you get sporadic funding or donations).

In these circumstances, maybe you don't need the aggressive monthly engagement, but can afford to have someone just chip away at your project's TODO list over a longer period.

In these circumstances, it may make sense to pre-pay for a 'bucket' of hours at an amount that suits you financially. That bucket of hours is gradually used up by mig5 if and when tasks come up. Once the bucket has run out (this could be months down the track), mig5 notifies you and you fill the bucket back up with another pre-payment.

This model suits more sporadic payments, but obviously is a more 'relaxed' approach that lacks the guarantee of mig5's availability at any specific time in a calendar month. (Retained customers who have 'booked out' hours, get first priority. Your project fills in the gaps).


Sysadmin consulting rates are negotiable, but usually begin at around $150 AUD/hour.

Customers seeking the 'retainer' model can expect to see a lower rate due to the ongoing long term relationship that retainers bring.

A customer on a 20 hour a month retainer, can expect to pay around $2200-$3000 AUD per month


Emergency out-of-hours (e.g mig5's middle of the night, or large unplanned) events, or hours that exceed a retainer, sometimes see higher rates to compensate for the unresourced situation.

mig5 charges in Australian dollars, and accepts payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, or sometimes wire transfers via international brokers.

No two customers are the same in terms of size or requirement. Please get in touch, we'd love the opportunity to find a solution that suits both of us.


Automation and configuration management

mig5 uses tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible and Packer to automate the provisioning and configuration management of server infrastructure. This also provides an audit trail of changes to your environment.



mig5 specialises in server hardening, encryption best practices, compartmentalisation, privacy by design principles and intrusion detection services.

Incident response

Incident response

mig5 works on retainer or pre-paid arrangements at affordable rates, typically for European and American customers. This allows mig5 to handle high-risk tasks or respond to issues outside business hours.

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