Credentials and affiliations

mig5 is proud to be involved with, or is a member of, the following projects.

Information Technology Professionals Association

The ITPA (formerly the SAGE-AU or Sysadmin Guild of Australia) is a not-for-profit organisation established to advance the understanding of ICT matters within the community, corporate and government sectors in Australia.

The ITPA provides a community of professionals for knowledge sharing, as well as advocates or influences important technology matters relating to Australian government policy.

mig5 has been a member of the ITPA in its varying forms since 2007.

Electronic Frontiers Australia

The EFA, similar to the American EFF, promotes and protects digital rights in Australia. It operates as a watchdog of matters relating to digital freedom, privacy and encryption, and breaches of personal data. mig5 donates to this important project in order to safeguard digital rights in Australia.


OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size. It works by sharing the file over the Tor network using Onion Services.

mig5 is proud to have contributed core features and many bug fixes to this important project that can defend the privacy, and assure the security and authenticity, of users and the files they are sharing.

Whonix and QubesOS

Whonix is a Linux-based operating system that provides anonymity for the user through its integration with Tor and compartmentalisation principles. mig5 provides sysadmin services for this important open source project.

Through the close relationship between Whonix and the QubesOS project (mig5 also uses Qubes to safely sysadmin customer infrastructure), mig5 has indirectly contributed to the QubesOS project by maintaining infrastructure such as the QubesOS Tor Onion services and repository mirrors. mig5 has also contributed to Qubes software and documentation.

Please see mig5's Github profile for more evidence of FOSS contributions.

Open Invention Network

mig5 is a licensee of the OIN, a shared defensive patent pool that protects Linux and open source software and the organisations that use it.

Security clearances

mig5 achieved Baseline security clearance, vetted by the AGSVA in 2012.


Miguel is a dual citizen of Australia and France since birth.


"Mig is the best sysadmin any of us have ever worked with. His technical knowledge is excellent, but what matters more is the three things he has that few others do: Firstly, his ability to think around an issue to develop the best approach for the long term, rather than quick and easy short term fixes; Secondly, his proactive approach, making improvements even before there are problems; And thirdly, his ability to communicate so well with us, and our clients. Because he's so good I was tempted to lie in this testimonial and say he's rubbish, so no-one else would want him and we could book even more of his time - but unfortunately Mig's a really nice guy too, so I had to be honest :(" - CodeEnigma
"Miguel is a dedicated and knowledgeable system administrator expert in Linux... Miguel inspired trust through prompt responses, great work and clear documentation. It was a pleasure working with Miguel." - Cruncht


Automation and configuration management

mig5 uses tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible and Packer to automate the provisioning and configuration management of server infrastructure. This also provides an audit trail of changes to your environment.



mig5 specialises in server hardening, encryption best practices, compartmentalisation, privacy by design principles and intrusion detection services.

Incident response

Incident response

mig5 works on retainer or pre-paid arrangements at affordable rates, typically for European and American customers. This allows mig5 to handle high-risk tasks or respond to issues outside business hours.

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