About mig5

mig5 System Administration is a consultancy founded by Miguel Jacq, an Australian-based Linux sysadmin with over a decade of experience pushing packets around.

mig5 augments agencies who may not have a dedicated sysops team in-house, but need help setting up sane development/deployment workflows.

This usually involves automating deployment to infrastructure, which (depending on your situation) can also mean the provisioning, securing, monitoring and maintaining of that infrastructure.

Sysadmin as a service?

Many digital agencies start small and grow rapidly. The period between 'starting up' and obtaining the returns needed to justify the hiring of a full-time sysadmin, can be too long. This puts the security of your infrastructure at risk.

mig5 slots neatly into this niche area by offering retainer-based, on-call sysadmin services that are scaled to the needs and size of your business.

You pay for as much sysadmin support as you need, adjusting that retainer up or down as those needs change over time. We want our services to realistically suit your needs.

Of course, some organisations already have sysadmin staff in-house. However, they may lack over a decade of experience or specialisation in a few key areas of systems administration. They may need to bounce ideas off someone who's seen it all before. Also, you may want to mitigate risk by performing disruptive tasks outside of business hours. mig5 helps in both areas through mentoring and by (usually) operating from a different timezone, thereby increasing velocity of your ops team.

If you can't commit to a regular retainer, or don't need regular support, that's OK. Please get in touch and we can discuss the potential for prepaid blocks of time that can be used in a more ad-hoc fashion when time and money allows.

Operating hours

mig5 operates from Melbourne, Australia. There is additional support provided from engineers in the UK, for customers who require it.

We mostly engage with international customers who take advantage of the GMT+10 timezone by having mig5 perform high-risk tasks in low-traffic times.

Local (Australian) customers are always welcome, of course!


Automation and configuration management

mig5 uses tools such as Terraform, Puppet, Ansible and Packer to automate the provisioning and configuration management of server infrastructure. This also provides an audit trail of changes to your environment.



mig5 specialises in server hardening, encryption best practices, compartmentalisation, privacy by design principles and intrusion detection services.

Incident response

Incident response

mig5 works on retainer or pre-paid arrangements at affordable rates, typically for European and American customers. This allows mig5 to handle high-risk tasks or respond to issues outside business hours.

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